Sunday, November 30, 2014

NaNoWriMo - WON!

I actually finished around 52,000 words by the end of week 3, so I was happy girl!

My story is of a conservative theology professor in an ultra-conservative college. He has a public debate with a liberal Feminist theologian, and of course sparks fly - and not the good kind!

Their story follows a circuitous path, and she ultimately ends up being married to him as a submissive wife who gets spanked regularly. She had a hard time reconciling it with her feminism, but realizes that as a feminist, she can choose how she wants to be in relationship.

They become involved with another couple who are in the same kind of relationship (a female Protestant minister and a police chief), and they ultimately buy property together (about ten acres) so that they are legally bound in a four-way marriage of sorts.

In the process of all this happening, the four of them end up in Druidism and Pagan rituals, finding it more to their theological mindsets.

Lots of spanking goes on among the four people, and eventually others are added to their Druid Grove, all with the same ideas about Domestic Discipline.

Fun and games for all, and many sore bums are seen around the acreage!

"Up with feminism, down with panties"

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